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James Latham Egger was born in Green County TN July 13 1847. His family moved from Tennessee to Choctaw County, Mississippi in 1852, settling near Greensboro. James lived on his father's farm until he joined the Confederate Army in 1863.

In January 1863, at the age of 15, James enlisted in Co. B, Second MS Cavalry, Forrest's Cavalry. This was probably the 2nd MS CAV BN which was combined with the 2nd AL CAV BN to become the 8th Confederate Cavalry (Wades). In August of 1863, James was summoned to General Forrest's Headquarters for duty as a courier. General Forrest (a noted horseman) was not impressed by James' horse and gave him one of his own. James served as a courier for General Forrest for about a year and was sent back to his company where he served out the war. He was mustered out at Grenada, MS in 1865.

James returned to Choctaw County after the war. In 1866, he married Miss S.A. Dean of Choctaw County, MS and fathered three children. In 1872, his wife died. In 1874, he married her sister, Cynthia. He had five children with her. In 1875, the family moved to Texas, settling in Lee County. In 1883, they moved to Hays County, settling near Wimberley. While here, he worked as a blacksmith. In 1890, he bought a ranch near Kyle where he farmed and raised livestock. James lived here until his death. He is buried in Jacob Wells Cemetery, Hays, TX.

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